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InstantILL by OA.Works
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A powerfully simple library tool to deliver papers.

InstantILL instantly delivers papers your patrons need from your holdings, Open Access and simplifies your ILL process to save you and your patrons money and time. It’s free, open source, community owned and easily set up in minutes.

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We’re building a world where — regardless of a campus’ subscription access — there is a simple, community-owned, one-stop shop to get free, fast, and legal access. It’s free so anyone can use it, but we need your support to sustain it.


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  • InstantILL: with all the features above.


Flexible pricing, flexible length.

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  • InstantILL: with all the features above.
  • Analytics: simple summaries of how InstantILL is performing.
  • Investment: Ensure InstantILL can be sustained and improved.
  • Priority support: 18 hour response time 24/7 from our Director.
  • Priority training & set up: Proactive training, and help getting set up.
  • Priority input: Guide the direction of InstantILL and our tools.
  • Recognition of your leadership: Thanks on our sites.
  • Upgraded version of other Open Access Button tools.

"We provide leadership support as an investment in community-owned infrastructure that improves our services, helps reduce dependency on subscriptions, and advances equitable access to information."

Tina Baich, Senior Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication & Content Strategies at IUPUI University Library.