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A powerfully simple library tool to deliver papers.

InstantILL instantly delivers papers your patrons need from your holdings, Open Access and simplifies your ILL process to save you and your patrons money and time. It’s free, open source, community owned and easily set up in minutes.

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This is a demo of InstantILL, it works just like it would on your website, placed wherever you normally have your ILL form and blending in with your brand.

Let us show you InstantILL's main features!

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Hurrah, thanks for trying InstantILL!

You just put a DOI into InstantILL, and as you can see, if you’re subscribed to the article InstantILL goes straight to full to the PDF.

InstantILL knows the electronic resources you subscribe to using your link resolver, and we provide a direct to PDF link for the user to access through your proxy. Off campus, they’ll be nudged to login as normal.

2/6. Let’s try an article title!

Show me!

We found it freely!

You just put an article title into InstantILL, and we found a version that's Open Access, so you can instantly go straight to the full text.

We built Open Access into the heart of InstantILL because patrons want to access content instantly, and often 20% of ILLs can be found free, saving you money and time. We’ve been pioneers in Open Access delivery, and the content comes from legal sources.

3/6. Now, hit 'Complete Request’ to see how easy it is to make a request

Request made!

No more completing long forms! We’ll autocomplete them using the meta-data you see, which we’re showing instead of your completed ILL form since this is a demo.

InstantILL point’s to your existing ILL form (or, sends you an email), where you handle authentication and submission into your existing systems. We just focus on making sure you don’t need to do anything before sending for fulfilment.

4/6. InstantILL also integrates into your workflows. Let’s try to check the link resolver

Find it

Link, Resolved!

InstantILL can integrate with your existing tools, from library search, to link resolvers, and your ILL page.

You can link to, or embed, InstantILL on pages and using OpenURL we’ll make sure patrons don’t need to enter what they need so you can InstantILL in 'request a copy' and ‘get it now’ buttons, or in link resolvers.

5. Finally, see what it takes to set InstantILL up!:

Show me!

Only three simple steps

Set up yourself, in 30 minutes today, by:

  • Telling us your ILL form link (or, email address)
  • Telling us your link resolver URL
  • Add a line of code to your website

No coding, special systems knowledge, or contract signing required. Of course, you can tweak dozens of settings, including how to handle other items, so everything works just right.

Now you understand InstantILL, you can keep testing InstantILL here, or...

6/6: Try InstantILL yourself, with your systems

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Ask how others use InstantILL

The following colleagues have kindly agreed to share their experience on request. They’re happy to let you know how InstantILL works for them.

Please be respectful of their generosity by ensuring you've read the website, checked the FAQ, and direct any technical questions to us before emailing.

For change, not for profit

We’re building a world where — regardless of a campus’ subscription access — there is a simple, community-owned, one-stop shop to get free, fast, and legal access. It’s free so anyone can use it, but we need your support to sustain it.


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  • InstantILL: with all the features above.


Flexible pricing, flexible length.

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  • InstantILL: with all the features above.
  • Analytics: simple summaries of how InstantILL is performing.
  • Investment: Ensure InstantILL can be sustained and improved.
  • Priority support: 18 hour response time 24/7 from our Director.
  • Priority training & set up: Proactive training, and help getting set up.
  • Priority input: Guide the direction of InstantILL and our tools.
  • Recognition of your leadership: Thanks on our sites.
  • Upgraded version of other Open Access Button tools.

"We provide leadership support as an investment in community-owned infrastructure that improves our services, helps reduce dependency on subscriptions, and advances equitable access to information."

Tina Baich, Senior Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication & Content Strategies at IUPUI University Library.